Image of Martin Kippenberger's "Bermuda Triangle" set, including an "I [heart] Kippenberger" bumper sticker and orange and green posters.
Image of piece from Martin Kippenberger's "Bermuda Triangle" set, which has the artist's name, "Bermuda Triangle," and "Syros, Paris Bar, and Dawson City" written on it.
Image of orange cover of collection of drawings from Martin Kippenberger's "Bermuda Triangle" set.
Image of green poster from Martin Kippenberger's "Bermuda Triangle" set.

Bermuda Triangle: Syros, Paris Bar, and Dawson City

Martin Kippenberger
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Martin Kippenberger's trickster aesthetic was aided and abetted by the owners of his famed Berlin hangout, the Paris Bar. One proprietor, Michel Würthle, provided Kippenberger with a place to make art at his family's house on the island of Syros, Greece; the other, Reinald Nohal, owned a summer retreat in Canada's Yukon Territory, which the artist visited. In those two remote locations, Kippenberger conceived his worldwide subway network, Metro-Net, and built the first two entrances, should anyone decide to do the rest of the underground excavation and construction.

The Bermuda Triangle documents in detail the planning and execution of this piece by the late high-art prankster, and reproduces the varied, accomplished, sometimes hilarious and devastatingly human drawings from the 80s and 90s, mostly on hotel stationery, from Würthle's collection. Its witty design is one Kippenberger would certainly have appreciated, its two volumes accompanied by a 'guerilla marketing kit' of two posters and an “I [heart] Kippenberger” bumper sticker, all contained in a cardboard box that converts to a display stand.

Texts by Carol Eckman and David Nolan

Published by Foundation 20 21, 2005


Maximum order per person: 3 copies